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Outdoor team training
Take fitness, dance and yoga anywhere: in nature, in the city or at the festival. Silent FIT brings the total flexibility of outdoor training anywhere! We don’t compromise on the sound experience – we intensify it! And yet:  No worries about noise.

Indoor flexibility
The system opens up countless ways to use physical settings – including indoor locations. The concept allows for multiple activities to run side by side without disturbing each other.

Crystal clear instructions
With Silent FIT, the instructor’s coaching clearly goes through to all participants regardless of distance – completely without straining of the voice.

Powerful music experience
We provide the full sound experience with pure tones, deep bass and clear instructions – the best possible auditory experience in fitness, yoga and dance!


Full expression
The headphones create a safe bubble, which increases participants’ feeling of freedom and self-expression – with the right instructions, participants are more social and playful than ever before!

Presence that connects
Silent FIT’s sound bubble sharpens participants’ presence while creating a tribe-like feeling of community. Participants are fully present and focused while  feeling the strength of being together.